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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pals Daisy Anna

Posted by admin on August 14, 2012


Pals Daisy Anna – Daisy in the pasture spring 2012

Pals Daisy Anna is a 2007 gray TB mare who we got in August 2010 to take to the trails and ride some.  She has grown on our hearts and is a bit too old to take back to the track.  You can see her pedigree here and her race record here.

Dalia riding Daisy in the front pasture.

Daisy still has not made it to the trails, but several people have ridden her around the ranch.  The picture is of Dalia riding Daisy shortly after she came to the ranch. 

Dalia talking to Daisy as she is coming to the ranch.

Daisy is loving her life on the ranch and being retired from the race horse life.  She is one of the more inquisitive horses.  It’s hard to get a picture of her and not get her nose.

Daisy knows all the standard race horse things:  Load, stands for the shoer, takes baths, is easy to catch.  She is current on her shots and worming.  If you want a challenge Daisy is the horse for you.  She is not a beginner’s horse, but is very willing.  We are just waiting for the right time to take her to the trails and teach her what real riding is about.

If you would like to me Daisy  Contact us to make an appointment to see her or one of our other horses.

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