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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Reddie Whip

Posted by admin on August 14, 2012

Dalia and Reddie Whip aka Whippit

Dalia and Reddie Whip aka Whippit

Reddie Whip is a 2002 dark bay TB gelding who we got in August 2007.  Remember I don’t name them.  These are the names on their papers.  We nicked named him Whippit.  Whippit is probably around 15 ish hands and 1000 pounds.  You can see his pedigree here and his race record here.

Dalia and Whippit swimming in Oologah Lake.

Dalia and Whip on the trail.

Whippit has a pretty regular rider.  He and Dalia hit it off and have been pretty regular riding buddies for several years.  Dalia has taken Whip on many trail rides all over Oklahoma. Whip loves his live at the Sierra Ranch.  he loves it better when Dalia can come ride or groom him.

Whip knows all the standard race horse things:  Load, stands for the shoer, takes baths, is easy to catch.  He is current on his shots and worming.  Whip is not a beginner’s horse, but is very willing.  He does know speed, but has to be asked to show it.

If you would like to meet Whippet  Contact us to make an appointment to see him or one of our other horses.


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