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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Xanadu Love

Posted by admin on September 13, 2012

Xanadu Love by Dalia Hibbs

If you come to our house and there is a horse loose in the yard it will be this one.    Xanadu Love is a 1993 dark brown or black mare that is the love of Rick’s life.  Well, at least his horse love.  She raced a bit, but would never go straight and so didn’t make it at the track.  Her race record is here and her pedigree is here.  Maybe next month we will do a post on her Mom living in the front pasture.  Winsome Love.

Rick doing his favorite trick.

We bought Xanny at a sale for a friend.  He saw Rick riding Starr and thought he wanted an OTTB also.  It was Spring of 2001.  It took about six weeks to figure out that the kid was not going to feed Xan and after one awesome match race in the pasture against Starr he asked us to buy her from him.  Since that day Xanny has been Rick’s horse.  She has taken him up and down mountains and even team penning.

Rick and Xanny on the trail in 2010.

Xanny is not for sale and most people would not even ride her.  She is a bit on the CRAZY side for an ex race horse.  She loves Rick and takes very good care of him and him of her.  She still doesn’t know what straight is, so you will see her  going in circles down the trail.  She will jump most anything to the delight of Rick.  And she is at least a bet more directionally oriented than her rider.  She can find the trailer, usually at race horse speed.

If you would like to meet Xanadu Love or her Mom  Contact us to make an appointment to see them or one of our other horses.


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  1. Beautiful horse. When the love they really love!!

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